Map View

After you open a map folder, you will see the map view with the following controls and more map details.

Map title

In the map view, the title of the map folder appears in the upper left corner. If the current map folder contains several maps, the map title appears in the second line. Click on the arrow to minimize the title.
For reports, the designation of the visible area is also displayed.

Control elements

The following controls are located in the lower left corner:

Enlarge map

Overall view of the map

Show own location

Zoom out map

In order to use the location function, you must allow location detection in the browser or system settings.


With the magnifying glass you can browse the map over different layers and elements. For more information about this function, see the Search chapter.

Hamburger menu

Use the "hamburger menu" in the upper right corner to access the contents and other functions of the map folder.

Link of the current map view

The current map view is saved in the URL. This allows zooming actions to be undone by clicking on the browser command "Back". After zooming in the map, you can click on "Back" to return to the previous map view.

Thus, it is also possible to copy the current link from the browser's address bar and send it to another user. If this user executes the link, he will see exactly the same map section as the sender of the link.