Print map

With this function, your maps can be printed easily and directly from easymap explorer or saved as PDF for further use.

This function can be enabled or disabled when sharing the map folder. In addition, you can also decide here whether the icon button should be displayed in the hamburger menu or next to the magnifying glass for searching.

To print the map, simply click on the print function icon. A window will open. The appearance of the window depends on the browser you are using. Here you can find the following settings:

  • Select target printer.

  • Page Alignment.

  • Pages per sheet.

  • Paper size.

  • Margins: None, Minimum or Custom.

  • Scale: Standard or Custom.

  • Print header and footer lines.

  • Background graphics.

  • Quality.

  • Color: Color or black and white.

Note: The printers displayed in the dialog depend on the printers you have installed.

Browser support

easymap explorer supports the most common browsers in each case in the current version and with default settings. Incompatibilities or malfunctions when using these browsers are currently not known:

  • Apple Safari

  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Mozilla Firefox

Note: Using Mozilla Firefox may cause the map section to be displayed at the right edge or possibly not at all. To get a good result with Mozilla Firefox, you can bring the browser window in DIN ratio (portrait or landscape).