Data display

Clicking in the map opens a data window that displays information about the selected area, symbol or diagram. The information displayed in the data window is defined in the advanced settings when releasing. If several analyses are on top of each other, the data refers to the top analysis.

If there are several data records for the selected area or object, it is possible to switch between the entries in the lower area of the data window.

Additional functions

Weather forecast

You can activate this function under the Advanced settings of the map folder when sharing in easymap. By clicking on the "Sun" in the data window in easymap explorer, a dialog opens with the weather forecast for the next 8 days. In addition, you can directly access the WetterOnline website and take a closer look at the weather forecast. This feature evolved from our Customizing.

The weather data are provided by Weather Online via Infas360.

Note: This function is only available if you have purchased the extension. For more information, please contact us.

Note: Further additional functions belong to the easymap explorer pro extension. More information about these features can be found in the chapter of the Pro - Features.