Legends help to better understand the representations in the map. These are offered at various points in easymap explorer and are only visible if the corresponding map layer is also visible. If the map layer or analysis is activated, but is not currently displayed due to the zoom range, the corresponding legend is also not displayed.

Note for creators of the maps

When publishing the map in easymap you can define under the legend settings for each legend element whether it should be displayed in the Legends control window, in the content window, under the control window on the right side or under the map title on the left side. Legend elements displayed under the control window will always remain visible regardless of the displayed content of the control window, unless the associated analysis is not visible. If the legends of the active analyses accumulate below the control window or the map title, they can be minimized. For more information about the legends and about how the advanced settings of the legend in easymap should be configured, please click here.

In the figure you can see different placement options of legends in the map.