The map examples will help you to get to know the software and its functionalities. Use these workbooks to familiarize yourself with the interface and the operation of easymap and see what is possible with easymap. You are welcome to use these workbookn as a source of ideas for further applications of your data and thus get further suggestions for meaningful evaluations.

Where can I find the map examples and what can I see there?

With the installation of easymap you have direct access to the sample map folders - also in our free demo version.

On the welcome screen of easymap there is a section map examples where you can open all example map folders with one click. If you have already opened easymap, go to ? in the menu and select examples. In the list you will find all map examples.

The following examples are available:

  • My first Workbook
  • This workbook shows you a very simple example of customers and sales on the map. In addition, this workbook contains a sales structure with sales for each sales representative.

  • Analyze
  • In this workbook, we present to you the different analyses as well as their special setting options. Additionally, there are evaluations on the map sections of different countries.

  • Territory Organization on Areas
  • The central theme of this workbook is the territorial structure on an area layer such as the postal codes. The focus here is on working with sales territories and special analyses. So if you are a sales representative, then this workbook is the ideal introduction for you.

  • Planning on Customer points
  • Territory structures on customers and their special evaluation options are explained in this map example. This workbook is a modification of plans on area layers and takes up the peculiarity of planning on customer points.

  • Report
  • Learn everything about the different series productions of maps and data. easymap offers different reportings for different fields of application.

On the following subpages you will find detailed descriptions of the individual workbooks. In addition, the analyses used, design elements and their settings are described. In the continuous text, the designations from the control window Content are set in small caps, so that you can simply click along in easymap to get an even easier start.

All example map folders have the same structure so that you can find your way around quite quickly. In the opened easymap you will find the control window on the left and the data window on the right. The control windows offer the following overviews and control options at the bottom left: base maps, content of the easymap workbook and objects. Further control windows are automatically displayed as soon as they are needed. The user can open the control windows with the corresponding commands in the menu window - control window. In the map window the sheets of the easymap workbook are displayed. The sample map window offers you the possibility to try out the different functionalities of easymap. easymap has an integrated zoom automatic, which shows more map details as the magnification increases. Not all map contents are enlarged to scale. Just try one yourself.

Data used

The map samples are based on different data and are shown accordingly in the individual workbooks per sheet.

We would like to thank our sister company infas 360 GmbH and our partner GeoMarketing Datenverarbeitungs & Dienstleistungs GmbH for providing different data for the map examples.