Access rules

easymap explorer distinguishes between administrators, map creators and readers. These user groups have different tasks and permissions:

  • Read: Read maps.
  • Edit: Create, read, modify and delete maps.
  • Administrate:management of users and user groups as well as report management, and all authorizations for editing

As an administrator you manage the profile area of easymap explorer.


After you are logged in, you will find various setting options under profile (e-mail).

Your profile

Under the item Your profile you can edit your first and last name, as well as your display name. You can also change your email address and password.

If you use Windows authentication, you can edit your first, last, and display names. Changes related to the email address and password must be made in Active Directory.


Under Licenses licenses issued by infas 360 (for example Bing Maps street maps) can be activated. Please enter the license key for this purpose. Here you get an overview for which components of easymap explorer licenses are activated and how long they are valid. You already have the easymap professional edition? Then you have licensed your easymap explorer contingent long ago.

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