easymap Explorer is a web viewer for maps created with easymap. To view the maps and data, all you need is an up-to-date browser. User knowledge of the software. easymap, mit der die Karten erstellt werden, sind nicht erforderlich. Änderungen an den Karten sind dem Autor vorbehalten. Mehr Informationen finden Sie in unseren Produktinformationen.

Notes on operation

About the ? notes on operation and further information are stored for you.

Depending on the language settings of your browser, the easymap explorer page will be displayed either in German or English.

Log in or register in easymap explorer

After entering your email address, you will be taken directly to the password entry of your easymap explorer account, business account or Microsoft account.

After logging in, you will also have access to the non-public area. Non-public map folders can now be found in the map catalog under the My Maps tab.

Each employee has their own password and therefore only has access to their own cards.

You can register for easymap explorer directly from easymap out - instructions on how to do this can be found in the easymap Support-Portal.

You already have our new easymap professional edition? Then you have an easymap explorer contingent directly included.

You want to give others access to your own protected cards?

In the user-administration you can send invitations to colleagues or business partners. They will then receive an email with the option to register on easymap explorer portal.

In the group administration you can organize the registered easymap explorer users into groups, e.g. to assign maps to different company divisions.

application examples

Clicking on application examples will take you to the public map folders. Here you will find map folders created by the infas 360 team to demonstrate the capabilities of easymap explorer. Access to these map folders is not password protected.

map catalogue

You can access the map catalog if you have logged in to easymap explorer with your account. All uploaded map folders are available there. More about the map catalogue.